Matte Painting “Barlangis”

As a part of the ongoing CGSociety Matte Painting Challenges, I’ve put together a DMP of “Barlangis”, a gigantic underground industrial mining complex. Had a lot of fun with this one!




Mountain Station Concept Art

A little somethin’ somethin’ I cooked up in Photoshop today… can’t be called a matte painting because too much of it is painted and the lightning has a slightly cartoony edge to it. It’s a concept image for a game script I’ve been cooking up for a few years.

Landscape concepts

Painting landscapes is just about the most relaxing thing I like to do. These are two that I painted just for fun recently, without reference.

Concept Painting

These are some of my concept paintings! Some are 3D paintovers, others contain photomanipulated textures, but all contain painting elements. Painted in Photoshop CS4.