Matte Painting “Barlangis”

As a part of the ongoing CGSociety Matte Painting Challenges, I’ve put together a DMP of “Barlangis”, a gigantic underground industrial mining complex. Had a lot of fun with this one!




Reichstag Plenarsaal

While I was at Rise FX in Berlin, Germany I was tasked with recreating the large Main Chamber (“Plenarsaal”) of the Reichstag before it burned to the ground in 1933. I modelled the interior in Maya, rendered it in Mental Ray, painted textures in Photoshop, and passed it on to the comp and FX departments who did a great job of adding the fire and dynamic collapsing effects in Houdini. I also painted several layers of burning embers for the destruction shots.



Terragen 2 quick animation

Animation test in Terragen 2. YouTube seems to have darkened the video quite a bit, and H.264 has done a nice job of messing up the colours, so I’ll probably do a daylight test next. Lens flare added in Nuke with the help of a very nice anamorphic lens flare gizmo by Sil Bulterman on Nukepedia. Very impressed with Terragen 2’s ability to output global illumination cache files which prevent flickering and other nasty artefacts.