Matte Painting “Barlangis”

As a part of the ongoing CGSociety Matte Painting Challenges, I’ve put together a DMP of “Barlangis”, a gigantic underground industrial mining complex. Had a lot of fun with this one!




Reichstag Plenarsaal

While I was at Rise FX in Berlin, Germany I was tasked with recreating the large Main Chamber (“Plenarsaal”) of the Reichstag before it burned to the ground in 1933. I modelled the interior in Maya, rendered it in Mental Ray, painted textures in Photoshop, and passed it on to the comp and FX departments who did a great job of adding the fire and dynamic collapsing effects in Houdini. I also painted several layers of burning embers for the destruction shots.



Mountain Flyover Matte Set Extension

An adaptation of the final result of Andrew Kramer’s brilliant After Effects “3D Set Extensions” tutorial. I decided to use Nuke instead as I wanted to test out the new particle system in version 6.3.

Credit goes to for the plate and to for the luma matte resource which is included in the tutorial files.